Orchard Valley Spa



Our specialty is treating and understanding the skin. Our highly trained and extensively educated Expert Skin Care Therapists include analyzing & understanding skin conditions and issues to provide you with optimal results. A full consultation and assessment along with written prescriptions and samples are provided for each Facial. Warm or cool stones for circulation and relaxation are included in each Facial. Each Facial is customized to your skin needs. Each Facial is approximately 60 minutes.

Glow Facial $90 
This effective thorough Facial is customized to your skin needs. Whether you have sensitive skin or dehydration issues our experts will leave your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and irritation free. Suited for all skin types. 

Ageless Firming Facial $100
Exclusive treatment of prematurely aging skin, with advanced upgrade products specifically designed to give a smoother, radiant, more plump texture to your skin. Dramatic results! 

Acne Clearing Facial $95
An effective stress free treatment designed to treat congestion, acne, or the resulting effects. Completely soothing to your skin, with a sharing of knowledge to enable great results at home. 

Express Facial $60
Includes cleansing, exfoliation, masques and targeted treatments for a quick treatment of skin issues. Less massage is provided. 30 minutes 

Pre-teen/Teen Facial $50
A 45 minute facial and consultation with your teen to teach them about routine, what to avoid and how to properly treat their skin. Dermalogica’s “clean start” skin care available at the spa. Ages 16 and under.